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Starting the 21-Day Sugar Detox

Towards the end of my December recap post I briefly mentioned embarking on the 21 Day Sugar Detox. Here is some information on how I discovered the detox and my experience thus far…

I dipped a toe into the pool of podcasting over the summer at the start of my dietetic internship/grad program. Normally I like to stay up late and research interesting fitness and health related topics to stay current with the literature and become more knowledgeable for my clients and myself. However with my day spent at the hospital and my nights consumed with grad work I began losing out on my research time (and sanity! haha).


A friend suggested I start listening to some health podcasts during my long commutes to and from the hospital. This is how I discovered Balanced Bites Podcast and co-host Diane Sanfilippo’s 21-Day Sugar Detox.

I’ll be honest, with my background in nutrition I can be very skeptical while listening to these wellness podcasts, but co-hosts Diane and Liz preach the same nutrition beliefs as myself. These ladies get me through a 2 hour commute each day with discussions ranging from nutrition for thyroid functioning to gut health to skin care. Through my incessant podcast listening Diane mentioned her 21-Day Sugar Detox book and I was immediately hooked.

Again, I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to buying nutrition books but I trusted Diane and went forward with my purchase. The detox wasn’t filled with wacky juice recipes, soup cleanses, etc. but rather whole foods, clean and tasty recipes and insightful information.

Side note: I originally had a colorful picture of fruits, veggies and proteins but found an avocado putting on pants to be more interesting

Anyways! In her book, Dianne goes through a preparation phase, which includes enlisting friends or family to embark on the detox journey. I have successfully recruited my mom (the sweets QUEEN), my dad (the carb loving Italian), and my brother (the “if you don’t put your name on it I’m eating it” offender). The day before the detox we all indulged in some creamy Cold Stone ice cream before saying “sayonara!” to all things sweet.

Today is day 2 and everyone seems to be holding up pretty well! I will fill everyone in on our triumphs, struggles and (hopefully) progress!

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My December Recap and What’s to Come in January

I cant believe the most wonderful time of the yearrrr is over!

The past few years I’ve been away at school for majority of the holiday season, but this December I was finally home and able to immerse myself in the Christmas season.

Here’s a recap of my December:

I’m currently doing my dietetic internship along with grad school to become a Registered Dietitian. My clinical rotations at the hospital ended just in time for Santa Con!!!

I crashed at my friend Gabbie’s apartment in the east side the night before Santa Con to get a head start on the festivities. We started out with a group of 8 girls at a bar called the Headless Horseman. You would think the name of this bar would kill the Christmas spirit but there were Santa’s everywhere and it was lit like my Christmas tree.

About a week later my boyfriend and I ventured into the city (again) to see the tree at Rockefeller Center. The tree came from Oneonta, NY! Which is where we went to school (and met) so obviously this was the Oney reason we went! Just kidding, I’ve been harassing my boyfriend to see the tree since October. Post tree we made our way to 212 Steakhouse in Midtown to chow down on some red meat and red wine.

212 Steakhouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I highly recommend this restaurant! From the skirt steak to the truffle-mashed potatoes, everything was divine. The cozy size and quaint atmosphere coupled with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and other classics playing softly in the background give this restaurant the perfect ambiance for a date night. The menu is quite pricey but we had a Groupon, which cut the bill down a bit.

As for the rest of my December it was spent relaxing with family, shopping for gifts, binge watching ABC Family’s (not Freeform! Never Freeform!) 25 days of Christmas, and snacking on some sweet treats! This brings me to my closing statement…

December is a time to enjoy oneself, gather with friends and family and indulge once in a while in some peppermint bark, chai tea lattes and reindeer sugar cookies.

With that being said, while my diet has been pretty decent this month I have still treated myself to more goodies than usual.

How do I know this? Well sugar causes inflammation. About a year ago I had removed the sweet stuff from my diet and my body was freed from its chronic pains. The recent increase in sugar has caused my joints to get stiff, chronic headaches to ensue and threw my TMJ right out of remission.

On January 2nd (because it’s a Monday hehe) I am taking on the 21-Day Sugar Detox challenge created by Diane Sanfilippo. I plan on checking in and giving recaps of my experience while on this challenge. If you are interested in joining me check out THIS link for more information.