My name is Breeanna, I am a 25 year old massage therapist, personal trainer, and nutritionist. I currently hold a Masters degree in nutrition and am on my way to becoming a Registered Dietitian!

I try to live a balanced life filled with intense workouts and wholesome foods, as well as ice cream sundaes and Netflix marathons. Nutrition is a great passion of mine but it comes secondary to my love of fitness, so you may see more workouts than recipes here 🙂 .

Through this blog I’d like to inspire others to set themselves free of restrictions and bring balance to their lives. So don’t be shy! Click around, stay a while, and feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

P.S: If you want to read my full story and journey to health and wellness click HERE! 🙂


Instagram: CrunchandLunch

Random Facts About Me:

I am a Bootcamp, Zumba, and cycling instructor

I have an American chocolate lab named Brandy (AKA Brandylicious Definicious)

My dog can hear me unzipping my headphone case from a mile away, and she knows we are going for a walk!

My figure skating career lasted 10 years before an injury put me out of the sport for good.

I Love Fashion <3 During high school I would take the train into Manhattan to take fashion classes at FIT

I try to be positive in every situation, my go-to motto is: everything happens for a reason. Want an example of this? Take a look at my last fact.

The end of my figure skating career was the birth of my fitness career


I’m Alyssa! My first degree was in Communications from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  I spent 6 years working in sales before deciding to pursue nutrition and fitness coaching full time, becoming licensed a Registered Dietitian in the process. 

Random Facts About Me:

I once went sky diving and bungee jumping on back to back days.

I have completed 6 Triathlons, 7 Half Marathons, and the New York City Marathon. I also took part in a Ragnar Relay —> 200 miles, spread amongst a team of 12, over approximately 36 straight hours. I ran through the night on tired, tight legs and was terrified (for reasons labeled below). It was a great experience that I never need to do again. 

I am terrified of the dark. 

I can nap almost anywhere. I find it extremely difficult to stay awake in moving vehicles (unless I’m driving of course!). My parents loved this when I was a baby and I never grew out of it!

While studying for the Registered Dietitian’s boards exam, I taught myself how to complete the Rubix Cube. 

My favorite color is green. 

I LOVE snacks!