Coconut Flour Pancakes

Happy Sunday! I cant believe this weekend flew by so damn fast. UGH! I’m hoping this week goes by just as quick as my Friday and Saturday!

With my grad program/dietetic internship coming to an end and my family moving into a new house life is completely chaotic. I try to keep myself as sane as possible with the gym but even getting in a good workout is a struggle.

But positivity and good food is key to times like this! My mom was cleaning out the pantry and found a bag of coconut flour that expires next month. Food waste?! NOT ON MY WATCH! I found an amazing recipe on Paleo Hacks for coconut flour pancakes that the whole family loved.

I made a few adjustments like stevia instead of honey and macadamia nut milk instead of coconut milk, but overall they turned out amazingggg. Click HERE for the recipe!

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